Our core expertise enables us to supply and install various ceiling products range various Government, private and personal properties (Residential & Commercial).  We undertake all ceiling activities under a roof in various construction/architecture:

Mineral Fiber Tile

  • Bank ATMs
  • Auditoriums / Cinema Halls
  • Retail
  • Lobbies & Corridors
  • Education
  • Offices
  • BPOs & Call Centers

Metal Tile

  • Corridors / Open areas
  • Hospitals & ICUs
  • Hotels & Restaurant Kitchens
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Retail & Bank ATMs
  • Residential bathrooms
  • Offices

PVC Gypsum Tile

  • Factories / Manufacturing Units
  • Lobbies / Waiting areas
  • Offices
  • Residential bathrooms
  • Retail & Showrooms

T – Grid & Shilloutte Grid

Unique designs in offices, hotels, retail spaces, schools, entertainment facilities, controlled environment facilities, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, aerospace, clean manufacturing areas, healthcare, food processing, and precision instrument assembly rooms Eco-friendly.


  • Cost control
  • Demountable systems allow for quick access to large work areas above the ceiling for repair & maintenance purpose
  • Fast & time saving installations
  • Global compatibility and availability
  • Modification can be easily done after installation
  • Much cleaner installation, as there is no use of water, paint, putty as in case of old conventional ceilings.