Product Details:

Material Steel / Stainless Steel, Aluminum
Surface Treatment Galvanised, Coated, Color Coated
Technique Cold Rolled
Features Water Proof, Corrosion Resistant, Durable Coating

Technical Details:

  • The box-shaped panels which can be attached to an 84mm carrier with ease. The 84mm wide panels feature a 24mm wide flange. The shuts off the 16mm joint between the panels (module 100mm and 200mm).
  • The 12.5mm deep joint gives a linear direction to the ceiling, at the same time being closed from the plenum.
  • These panels, which are stove enameled aluminum panels, are recyclable, lightweight but strong. These panels can be made to fit any requirement.
  • The length of these panels can go up to 5000mm. Panels can be attached by using panel splice.
  • The panel carrier is black or white & is made of 0.5mm thick stove enameled steel.
  • The carrier is provided with prongs to accommodate the panels in a module of 100mm.
  • The standard length of these carriers is 5000mm and is connected by using the carrier splice.
  • New Age’s standard range of edge profiles can be used as perimeters.


  • Panel length made to measure up to 5000mm. This allows swift installation, minimizing the need for joining the panels.
  • A simple hook-shaped tool can be used to remove and replace the panels. This allows easy and full access to the plenum.
  • Perforated panels with a non-woven textile membrane bonded to the inside face are used to achieve optimal acoustical control for meeting rooms, offices etc.
  • Together with aluminum carriers, aluminum panels can be used to create exterior ceilings.
  • The joint- flange can be executed with a rectangular perforation for ventilation purposes.
  • This ceiling is ideal for places that stress on hygiene because of the absence of dust retention and ease of cleaning.