Seismic Rx Suspension System saves time and money
  • Hot-dipped galvanized coating inhibits red rusting
  • Available with black reveal
  • Rotary-stitched for additional torsional strength and installation stability
  • 10-Year Limited System Warranty; 30-Year Limited Ceiling Systems Warranty when used with HumiGuard Plus products
  • FastSize main beams and cross tees can be ordered with special sizing and route spacing for your project needs in one carton minimums with two week lead times
  • Fast, tight installations
  • Modification can be easily done after installation
  • Demountable systems allow for quick access to large work areas above the ceiling
  • Global compatibility and availability
  • Cost control
  • Sustainable: 100% post consumer recycled content, 100% locally recyclable, global/regional manufacture

Technical Details:

Main Runner Size 32mm x 15mm x 3000mm
Cross Tee Size 32mm x 15mm x 600mm
Wall Angle Size 22mm x 15mm x 3050mm
Sheet Thickness 0.35 mm


Material High quality hot dipped Galvanized Iron Sheet
Coating 120gm/sq meter zinc coating
Wall angle 0.45mm thick GI precoated white (polyester coating) on one side black color /premier on other side