S-Shaped Screen Ceilings:

S-Shaped Screen Ceilings is made of high quality aluminum alloy, majorly used in hotels, malls, office buildings and Airport etc.

Plug-In Screen Ceilings:

Used as decorative hanging ceiling solutions, It’s made of high quality aluminum alloy strip. It produces different effects.

  1. Easy & fast to install;
  2. Custom made metal walls available to coordinate with ceilings and other interior / exterior finishings;
  3. Fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather resistance;
  4. Outstanding performance with high quality products;
  5. Large panel with big length and width;
  6. Multiple accessibility options;
  7. Various standard and wide choice perforations;
  8. Beautiful appearance, and various colors for choice;
  9. Good evenness: it changes the distortion & bending phenomenon on aluminum panel so that it can maintain its super evenness;